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The Instant Information Software Services Difference

Instant Information Software Services (I2S2) is a India based product engineering. We leverage our expertise in emerging technologies to deliver innovative solutions that accelerate our clients’ Digital Transformation initiatives. Our practices include Product Engineering, Cloud & Infrastructure, Security, Big Data & Analytics, Data Management & Governance and IoT. Across all practice areas, we are making significant investments in next generation technologies and solutions to help deliver innovation to our clients.
Our work is deeply rooted in values and goals that aim to ensure the success of our clients, employees and other stakeholders. We work with our clients' and stand by them, through thick and thin, assisting them in reaching their business goals. We endeavor to facilitate a platform for our employees to grow their careers, a platform that will encourage learning and innovation, through projects that involve technology solutions that have not been explored before. We work to support many charitable organization, with their cause and enable our clients to reach various such organizations as well, through our technology.

I2S2 Difference

Rather than accepting traditional methods of data management, we developed our expanding suite of Excelerators – proprietary technology tools that take the time, complexity and cost out of storing, moving and leveraging your data. Our Excelerators are changing the way corporations think about the possibilities of data, and transforming it into a core strategic contributor to the success of the enterprise.
Other companies choose to do everything in technology. We are best in class in everything we choose to do: data warehousing, business intelligence, big data and application development. Even as we grow, we remain nimble enough to respond quickly and effectively to our clients always changing needs.
We are not just an outsourcing solution. We are a valued and integral member of our clients’ team – proposing new ways to solve business challenges using breakthrough technology. As we advance the field of data management, we bring our clients along with us, engaging them in new approaches and technologies that strengthen their competitiveness while bringing recognition to IT as an indispensable strategic contributor to success..


Our aim is to become the preferred one-stop solution provider for companies thriving on innovation or witnessing exceptional growth in the retail,education, Healthtech, Ecommerce, Entertainment, payments, ERP and financial & professional services industry. With this aim in mind we deliver a full range of IT products and services that offer a total portfolio to match all your business needs, be it IT consulting and services, application development and maintenance or business process re-engineering among others. All initiatives at I2S2 software are passionately directed to our mainstay goal Return On Investment. The operation of our business and our actions are guided by objectives that focus on constantly upgrading and using our domain expertise for the benefit of our clients and partners through a consultative approach. We work with our clients to arrive at the best possible service that will allow cost and operating efficiencies through the product or application lifecycle.

Company Team

Rakesh Hankare

Santosh Patil

Arif Hussain

Abhijeet Sawan